Six-Word Autobiography

A typographic challenge.

This project began with the prompt to write an autobiography in six words. My brainstorm consisted of seedlings such as “pack a punch” and “never growing up” and eventually leading to my final phrase. "I left my heart in California" was inspired by my love for my home as well as my desire to return there after graduation. My design challenge was to represent this autobiography in a purely typographic composition using only my six words. Restricted to a square-shaped canvas, I considered the ways in which color, font, character manipulation and graphic wit could enhance my final solution.

Role Design
Date September 2016
MEDIA Print, 10x10 inches
tools Illustrator
Course VCD 2: Typography

Initial sketches.

I began by making ten concept sketches, each seeking a unique presentation of my six-word autobiography. They served as a brainstorm for myself as well as material for critique by my classmates and professor.

Refined concepts.

After initial feedback, I narrowed my initial group of concepts down to two. I translated these concepts into digital sketches, further refined them and presented them in both black-and-white and color.

Final solution.

The final composition for my six-word autobiography was simple and suggestive of the Golden Gate Bridge. Compared to my earlier rendering, I used a typeface with a thinner stroke weight to achieve a lighter effect. I kerned each individual letter to ensure a feeling of balance and equal space between characters.