Photo As Document

A week-long experiment.

The ”photo as document” project was an invitation to explore the way that photography can document an experience, object or space. Having just completed a series of photographic portraits, I was fascinated by portraiture and wanted to explore ”portrait as document.” The timing was prescient, as midterms would soon end and I would embark on a tropical spring break vacation with my closest friends. I thus chose to document our faces after a week of exams and again after a week on the beach.

Role Photographer
Date March 2017
MEDIA Print, 8½x11 inches each
tools Lightroom
Course Photography 1

Final photographs.

I did not reveal the intentions of my project when my friends came into the studio for their portraits. Both before and after spring break, I asked them to keep their facial expressions neutral and I believe the obvious differences in their portraits speak for themselves. I also included my own portraits in this series.