A lesson in Gestalt.

This project challenged me to simply combine one letter and one numeral to create an entirely new mark. A successful mark would demonstrate Gestalt, a design principle that can be distilled down to the theory that in good design, 1+1 should equal 3. This assignment was my introduction to typography and could be considered an exercise in logo development.

Role Design
Date September 2016
MEDIA Print, 7x7 inches
TOOLS Illustrator
Course VCD 2: Typography

Initial sketches.

I began by making 50 sketches, experimenting with the forms of various letters and numerals and playing with the positive and negative spaces they created. I selected these 25 sketches as the most promising and presented them at a class critique.

Refined concepts.

I narrowed my sketches to the three most successful concepts and rendered them digitally. Moving my compositions to the computer enabled me to better understand the subtleties of their curves and shapes, compared to my imperfect sketches. Additional refinement and experimentation left me with these final concepts.

Final solution.

My final mark demonstrated a balance between the positive and negative space of the letter and numeral. While both forms are still easily distinguishable, the contrast between their curvature creates dynamic shapes that draws one's eyes in and around the mark and achieves Gestalt.